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Greene Valley Recreation Club Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

July 22nd: Ohio press release from Governor Dewine stated a state wide, all county, mask Mandate with some *exceptions and varying requirements. We have all become a little "relaxed" in the precautions and the following of guidelines, we ask that everyone refer to our original guidelines http://www.gvrcpool.org/COVID-19. In addition, we ask that our members follow and police their family and guests. This will ensure we do not have to back track on allowing guests and the small events we have planned.

June 23rd:

Due to lack of interest & attendance, we will no longer reserve 6 to close on Wednesdays for immunocompromised & adults only.

June 15th:

Monday thru Thursday one guest per family. Friday thru Sunday 1 guest per family 4 to clos.

May 21st:

COVID-19 Guidelines and Member Agreement requires electronic signature

May 3rd:

Good afternoon GVRC members

We would like to share our current contingency plans for the 2020 Pool Season and how the COVID-19 pandemic can and will impact the season.

First, please know that the Board is monitoring the news and guidance from our local, state, and federal leaders so that we can integrate this information as we plan for the 2020 season. We are currently attending Zoom meetings and trainings with local leaders and experts regarding COVID-19 and businesses; regarding safety, business plans for opening, sanitization etc. This week we spoke with our State Representative Rick Perales. He asked that we set up a proposal for the Governor. That proposal was sent Tuesday April 28th.  In addition, keep in mind we have a first responder as our General Manager, Mike Reichert.

Currently, we plan to move forward with the plan of opening on of Friday, May 29th, 2020. We understand that this may change at any time and will be ready to open earlier if we are given the go ahead. Consequently, we have developed contingency plans to best address these differing scenarios. Please keep in mind these are fluid times and there is a good chance some of the information outlined below will change.

Our contingency planning is currently focusing on the following areas:

Swim Team – We have opened up registration on the new swim team website, https://gvrcgators.swimtopia.com/  Families are able to register swimmers at that time. Due to the uncertain nature of the swim season, payment will not be required at the time of registration. Payment will only be required if and when we get clearance that we can move forward with the swim season.  The league is looking at different scenarios including a shortened season and a league party, all dependent on what has been laid out by the government.

Availability of certified lifeguards – the closure of rec centers, college campuses, and YMCAs has meant that some of our prospective lifeguards have not been able to complete the required certification process. We are currently pursuing a plan of bringing an instructor to our pool to conduct certification classes should we be able to re-open.

Physical work of preparing to open the pool – given the amount of work required to open the pool, we do not have the luxury of taking a wait-and-see approach; therefore, we are continuing to perform the work necessary to open the pool and have been focused on completing a number of projects required to open on time. To minimize expenses, we are only performing the minimum tasks required to open at this time, are relying on Mike and volunteering Board Members to complete and have cancelled all nonessential purchases.

Fiscal implications of a shortened or canceled season – as a member owned pool and non- profit, we run on a very tight budget. It is still too early to make final decisions related to payment of dues given the fluid nature of the situation; however, the board is currently analyzing a variety of payment scenarios that balances our members’ financial needs with the hard costs of maintaining the pool and property that will still exist regardless of whether we can open (e.g., property taxes, insurance coverage, utilities, etc.). Current opening date and payment scenarios include:

  •  Payment of full dues with a delayed open date of 6/10/2020.
  • A reduction in membership dues with a delayed open date of after 6/10/20.
  • We are working on a number to hold your membership stock for the 2021 pool season in the event the 2020 season is cancelled. We will base the costs on what it takes to maintain the pool and property.
  •  In the event of a fully cancelled season we will issue credits for the 2021 pool season based on the number mentioned above.

Continuing COVID-19 risks past the expiration of shelter-in-place orders – we are already anticipating that if we should be able to open for a full or partial season that we will still need to take steps to minimize the spread of the virus.

At the minimum we will likely:

  •  Reduce or eliminate social events for the 2020 season.
  •  We may need to alter our food offerings to offer either pre-packaged items only or no concessions at all this year.
  • We may allow no “New Memberships”; Stockholders or Trial memberships
  • We may have to limit or eliminate guests
  • We will likely have to social distance chairs and tables.
  • We will likely have a COVID-19 rules form that members will need to agree with and sign.
  • We may have alternate entrances and exits. This will help ensure social distancing.
  •  We may have to close off the playground.
  •  We will have hand sanitization available.
  •  We will ask that parents ensure there is social distancing in the restrooms.
  • We may have to remove our play equipment in the baby pool area

Be assured we are putting our members and the pool as our number 1 priority.

Tornado replacement items – Mike has finished several of the projects in the Fall. We held off on a few others when the COVID-19 hit. The money for tornado replacements are required by law to be used for just that. We will likely hold off until 2021 Season as they are not going to be conducive to social distancing.

Thank you in advance for your understanding of the challenges that we face during this unprecedented time. The GVRC Board will update members with any new information that impacts the opening date and payment of dues. If you have any questions, please email them to gvrc2673@gmail.com.

In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy ~

GVRC Board of Trustees

March 31st

We want to share with our members the current plan from the GVRC Board for our Summer schedule in response to the questions we have received recently.

Please know, we all recognize this situation is unprecedented and, while we are monitoring the news and guidance from our state and federal leaders, we recognize there are uncertain days ahead and our primary focus is being safe and following what our leaders direct.

Presently. We are still working towards the plan to open on time - which would be May 22 at 4 PM.

One of the primary issues we are addressing is our lifeguards, lifeguards are certified bi-annually. As such, many former or new guards were planning to take their certification tests this Spring to be available this Summer. There may be some delays in getting this certification but we are looking at alternatives.

Related to the pool’s finances, we have no plans to charge late fees for 2019. Our June 1st deadline to pay fees was established based on the best interests of our pool financial strategy. If you are able to pay earlier PLEASE do. Our pool runs on a very tight budget year to year. In addition to waiving late fees, we have extended Early Bird payments for current stock holder from March 31st to April 30th to receive 5 free guest passes.

We have started the filling of the pool which takes 12 to 14 days. We need the pool cleaned to start heaters to do any maintenance or repairs. Cleaning the water prior to turning on heaters is essential. This entails chemicals and manpower.

We have delayed our purchases of non-essential items at this time.

Our board is primarily focused on what is best for our members and our pool. We will continue to ensure we are doing the right thing and we will make whatever changes necessary to our scheduling and planning to do that.

Stay safe and stay at home,

GVRC Board of Trustees

Greene Valley Recreation Club
Beavercreek, Ohio
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